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Publishing jobs are traditionally found within books, newspapers and magazines, but now include Internet-based publishing to Web sites and e-communications. Jobs in publishing are not as secure in the print-based world as the used to be, now that printed communications are becoming virtual. Publishing careers that can easily cross over to Internet include editor jobs and writer jobs.

Writing positions are very broad, and can include fiction, non-fiction and technical writer jobs. Fiction writers create books, scripts and performance pieces based on a non-reality. Non-fiction writers cover news sources, company collateral and can be more technically-based when it comes to documentation or proposal writing. The job of any writer is to get the point across to the intended audience in the more clear cut, and at times, enjoyable way. Writers can also work on a freelance basis, agency or within a publishing house.

Editor work is often at beginning and end of the written material. Editors often assign the writer a specific focus, and then work with the writer to hone and review the material. Traditional editor work can be found at newspapers, magazine and trade journals, with a managing editor at the helm of a news department. Copy editors are also needed to help with a consistent message and feel for a product that is the result of many different writers.

Not all publishing jobs are paper or book oriented. Desktop publishing jobs require page layout skills for designing POS displays, outdoor signs and more.

Due to the nature of the print business headed to the online frontier, the field of publishing has opened up to include the Internet. Whether for print or Internet, most publishing careers require an undergraduate degree, and an understanding of the style guide that is used by the particular organization.

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